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Outings: Grade 3's Day at the Dam

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Last Friday our Grade 3's adventured into the forest and spent a day at our very own school dam!

After the walk through the forest, full of chants and songs, they arrived at the dam. Once there the plan of action was to go collect some clay and start creating a never-seen-before animal or creature. Collecting the clay was a very entertaining scene to witness. All sixteen learners getting ankle deep in soft, sticky clay, slipping and sliding while trying to balance a ball of mud on their plates.

After collecting some clay, the learners found a comfortable spot in the shade and got to work. Using their fingers, sticks and rocks they formed their creatures with textured skin. They then explored the surrounding bushes to find decorative items, such as flowers, reeds and stones. Once they had finished creating their creature all learners were assessed by their teacher, Miss Coleman, and the games began!

Principal Sarie taught the learners how to play "kleilat'. This game involves a twig or stick with a lump of clay on one end that is launched by swinging the stick at the opposing team. The learners had such a time and all got completely engaged in this exhilarating and competitive game of war.

By the end of the day we all made our way back to school and enjoyed a hilarious moment of having our amazing principal rinse the learners off with a hosepipe. Each of the learners got completely drenched from head to toe and it was a sight to behold.

What a day full of creativity, teamwork and fun!

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