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At Bahia Formosa School, we're thrilled to launch our weekly newsletter, your ultimate source for updates, upgrades, vital parent information, and a recap of the week's events.

We believe in the power of a well-informed community, and this newsletter is our way of connecting with you, our valued Bahia Formosa School family. Look out for the newest editions every Friday – together, we're shaping the future, one newsletter at a time.

13 - 17 February 2023

This week we announced our newest parents who have joined our PTA and much more...

20 - 24 February 2023

This week was full of gardening, outings, sport and much more...


27 - 3 March 2023

This week we would like to share how blessed we are and much more...


6 - 10 March 2023

This week we would like to share how we have blessed someone in our Bahia Family and more...

13 - 17 March 2023

We would like to say a huge thank you to the men at Nolans Flooring &
Blinds. They have done a wonderful job at
completely transforming our classrooms!


27 - 30 March 2023

This past Sunday our Bahia Formosa School Choir went to the NG church on Marine Way and much more...


17 - 21 April 2023

This week we got feedback from Southern African Association for Learning & Educational Differences (SAALED) and much more...


2 - 5 May 2023

This past week our Netball girls played a friendly match against Formosa Primary and more...

8 - 12 May 2023

This week we announced our Fundraiser Raffle and much more...

Ecoflow Picture.png

22 - 26 May 2023

This week we celebrated Africa Day and much more...

Africa Day.jpg

29 - 2 June 2023

This week the Grade 5 and 7 learners thoroughly enjoyed their visit to
Cairnbrogie Dairy Farm!


31 - 3 August 2023

We would like to thank Mr Fezile Maki for his invaluable support in coordinating the establishment of our Bahia Formosa School Sign on the N2.

14 - 18 August 2023

This week, our Grade 2, 3, and 4 students have been actively engaged in planting and recycling activities.


21 - 25 August 2023

This week our Grade 7 students constructed cranes to assist scrap metal dealers by separating magnetic metals.


28 - 1 September 2023

This week we performed our concert "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and much more...


31 - 3 August 2023

This week our Grade 7's had an exciting and productive day as they hosted their very own Entrepreneur's


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