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Bahia Formosa School follows the CAPS curriculum. As an independent school, we are able to extend and enrich the curriculum to accommodate our learners’ interests and needs. The language of teaching and learning is English, with Afrikaans offered as the first additional language.

Grade RR &R

We offer hands on teaching for our Grade RR and R learners. They have two, separate play facilities, and take part in stimulating activities such as art, music, and guided, imaginative play.


Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a UK-based learning philosophy and curriculum which was introduced to South Africa through Bahia Formosa Primary School in 2020. It aims to transform education to ensure it is fit for purpose in preparing young people for life in the 21st Century. 


Computer & Robotics Classes

By 2025, it will be required of all schools to offer robotics as a subject. At Bahia Formosa School, we will already start implementing robotics as part of our curriculum in 2023. 

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Little Lab Coats

The Little Lab Coats is a program developed to inspire a love for science in children. Learners are encouraged to explore science concepts through participating in experiments, demonstrations, stories and songs.

Sport Academy 

We are so excited to have partnered with our local Sports Academy, Sticks and Balls. Their coaches run our Physical Education Department, where our learners develop a vast array of motor skills during school hours.


School Counsellor

Nico Weeber is our school counsellor who works with both our learners and educators.

In these sessions, they work on finding out their natural abilities and strengths, and are equipped with the tools and skills needed to navigate life.

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